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Interactive Stations

Interactive Stations

Attended Food Stations for your Guests

Enhance your cocktail hour immeasurably with our interactive stations.

Guests usually arrive hungry. Our cocktail fare takes the edge off their hunger putting them in the proper frame of mind to enjoy the reception without the distraction of wondering “when are we going to eat already.” After all, you planned the Reception very carefully. You want your guests to enjoy themselves while you go through your wedding rituals. You don’t want them distracted by hunger.

In a full Wedding package, you have your choice of two stations or bars, and they are included in the price. Take a look below to see all of our interactive wedding station options.


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Mashed Potatoe Bar

A Mashed potato bar is a delicious, fun interactive station to include in your cocktail hour. Steaming pans of creamy Yukon gold, mashed red bliss, and smashed sweet potatoes. A tempting assortment of toppings are provided for an endless combination of custom presentations. Each one being the individual creation of your guests. Your mashed potato bar is an attended station, with gleaming rows of sparkling Martini glasses waiting to be filled by your guests. This station is designed to compliment the already impressive array of appetizers presented during the cocktail hour.


Roasted Pig Station

Roasted Pig Station, a crispy, beautifully seasoned Pig from Philadelphia’s finest – Esposito’s Porchetta. Sized to your needs. This station is attended. Succulent and juicy.


Mediterranean Station

Baba ghanouch, Roasted garlic hummus, grilled and marinated vegetables , couscous with chopped fruit, Kalamata olives, Tsaziki, Feta cheese and served with toasted pita points, and flat bread crackers.


Philly Favorites Station.

Appetizer sized Cheesesteaks, savory Hoagies, a selection of Tastykakes and Soft Pretzels. All of Philly’s best!


Quesadilla bar

Three kinds of Quesadillas accompanied by Guacamole, Salsa and Sour Cream. Chicken, Beef and Vegetable.


Taco/Nacho Bar

Assemble your own Tacos and Nachos with Corn taco shells, flour tortillas, and tri-colored tortilla chips.Shredded chicken and seasoned beef. with all the items needed to make them.

Asian Stir-fry Station

Marinated Chicken breast and tender Beef are stir fried. Accompanied by assorted vegetables and sauces, Fried Rice is included.



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From Fine Cuisine to Artisan Wedding Cakes

With a highly experienced culinary and catering staff, fine cuisine accompanied by attentive service, and an on-site bakery, there is no request we cannot handle. Our onsite catering service is designed to pamper your guests' every request, allowing you to celebrate with friends and family.

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